Erasmus Students Attended Intercultural Workshops

baris karadagI am Barış Karadağ and I am Erasmus student at Opole University. I will discuss the workshop in Warsaw, where me and my colleague Firaz Günes went to the previous weekend. Instytut Spraw Publicznych (Institute of Public Affairs) organized this workshop. They paid for our hostel and travel. Our trainers were from psychology department.
There were participants from 5 countries:

  • 3 Moroccan men,
  • 2 Ukrainian women,
  • 1 Russian woman,
  • 1 Azerbaijani woman,
  • 5 persons who came from Turkey. 4 men and 1 woman.

What did we talk about during 16 hours of workshop?

  • The values and norms typical for different cultures.
  • Barriers in communication between diffrent cultures.
  • Commucation filters and their influence on the process of exchange of information between members of different cultures.
  • Influence of language on the transmitted message.
  • Intercultural sensitivity and competence.
  • Barriers that make contact more difficult at the crossroads of cultures.

I am glad I went to Warsaw and joined this meeting. Now I have 10 friends and some new experiences. I will try to understand it both in relation to society and individuals adding to my anthropological perspective the social psychological one.
You can browse photos from the workshop here.

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