Sociology of the technologies of the self

Please, start with reading the source text:

Technologies of the Self by Michel Foucault


Web 2.0 Technologies of the Self by Maria Bakardjieva & Georgia Gaden

Please, take notes and specifically, try to relate to you own media presence. To facilitate (and start) this kind of analysis, please complete the following task:

  • Write up all your media profiles, sites, accounts: wherever you are on the internet – please, just describe where it is and how does it work (you do not have to disclose information about you i.e. link to a profile page or you handle/nickname), what made you use it, how do you use it and what kind of content do you generate there. Make it one page (more or less).

Due to the holiday break, technically, there are no classes on Tuesday, April 7, so my suggestion is to meet on Friday, April 10, 3.30 pm. Please let me know ASAP, if you are not available then.


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