The aim of the course “Economy&Society” is to analyze relationship between economy and society. There is assumption that economic activity is embedded in society, which means in historical context, cultural conditions, social structures. Economy is made by people with their knowledge, emotions, social ties and relationships, kinship and family relations, place of birth and their level of education. On the other hand economy results specific structures in society as labour division, social inequalities, entrepreneurial attitudes, leadership mode, cultural organization.


During the course the following topics will be discuss:

  • Economy&sociology – classics
  • Fordism and Postfordism as socio-economic model
  • Exchange – market as institution
  • Consumption society
  • Capitalism – origin and development
  • E-economy and information society
  • Labour division
  • State and economy /welfare state, workfare state, liberal state/
  • Money and their role in society
  • Economic crises and results in society
  • Social economy
  • Family entrepreneurship
  • Transnational Corporations as social structures
  • Neoliberalism as ideology
  • Economic as social action






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